Common surcharge
Word / phrase Explain
ISPS? International?Ship?and?Port?Facility?Security?Code International?Ship?and?Port?Facility?Security?Code)
THC Terminal Handling Charge Terminal Handling Charge
ORC original?receiving?charge original?receiving?charge
FSC? Fuel Surcharge? Fuel surcharge
LLO? Lift on / Lift off Lift on / Lift off
Word / phrase Explain
CUC Chassis Usage Chassis Usage
IMO IMCO additional IMCO additional
PSS Peak Season Surcharge Peak Season Surcharge
EBS Emergency Bunker Surcharge Emergency fuel surcharge. Note: EBS ≠ BAF EBS ≠ faf EBS is added to BAF ( faf ). Only BAF ( faf ) will be collected when the oil price does not rise very much. When the oil price is exceptionally high ( for example, us $ 28 / barrel or more ), BAF and EBS will be collected at the same time.
DOC Document File fee = document transfer ( conversion, transfer ) fee ( but not abbreviated dtf! ) press bl ( bill ), i.e. set. One set of bills is called one bill or one set
PCS Port CongestionSurcharge Surcharge on port congestion. In most cases, most people use it to refer to port consolidation ( congestion ) for Israel India & central and south America ( backward areas, low port operation rate ) and PCs also refers to pieces.