• Truck driver

    1. driving vehicles to provide delivery service 

    2. delivery scope in Wuhan and its surrounding areas 

    3. requirements for other transportation related operations

    1. over three years of driving experience, familiar with Wuhan and its surrounding road conditions

    2. honesty, diligence and punctuality, strict compliance with company discipline requirements 

    3. no criminal record and major traffic accident record 

    4. B license and driving experience

    if you are interested in this postion, please send your resume and contact details to below mailbox:, we will contact with you for further actions, thank you for interesting in Wills Logistics!

  • Sales representative

    Job responsibilities:
    1, through various effective ways to complete the development of customers;
    2. maintain and consolidate the company's existing customer resources and complete the sales performance evaluation;
    3. be responsible for providing professional consultation for customers and formulating professional and reasonable logistics solutions;
    4. complete the sales report and settlement of sales expenses, and timely recover various receivables;
    5. participate in the formulation of the company's marketing strategy, formulation of the company's marketing mix strategy and marketing plan, analysis and statistics of sales data;
    6. complete other tasks assigned by department leaders.

    Job requirements:
    1, college degree or above, with good customer service awareness and sales ability, strong communication skills, clear working ideas and work plan;
    2. be honest and trustworthy, bear hardships and stand hard work, be strong in pressure resistance, be enthusiastic about sales work, and be ambitious;
    3, understand the market situation, have certain professional ability, to provide and set up a service plan to meet the needs of the guests;
    4. welcome to join our team those people who have air / sea transportation business development experience and have customer resources.

    Remuneration and benefits
    1. reasonable and generous salary: high basic salary + performance bonus + performance commission
    2. perfect vacation combination: paid annual leave, paid sick leave and legal vacation
    3. perfect promotion channel: sales specialist - sales supervisor - sales manager
    4. good team atmosphere and comfortable working environment

    If you are interesting in this postion, please send your resume and contact details to below mailbox:,  we will contact with you soonest for further actions. Thank you!